Friday, September 2, 2016

O.T Case Presentation through web conferencing.

The Mumbai Branch of AIOTA is starting O.T Case Presentation Series through web conferencing. We invite the Members of MBAIOTA to actively participate in this endeavour. It shall offer a unique opportunity to share views, knowledge and experience with your fellow clinicians. Participate from the comfort of your home or workplace by using your computer or smartphone. First presentation is scheduled on Sunday 18/9/2016 from 10 am to 12 noon.

Presenters can send their recorded case presentations in following format:

1) Powerpoint slideshow with recorded voice narration

    or Video Presentation.

2) Presented according to the CARE guidelines.

3) Max time for presentation: 15 mins. Followed by a question and answer session of       15 mins. 

Occupational Therapy practitioners and post graduate students (Mbaiota Members) are requested to register (for presenting or attending) with following online form available on Last date for registration is 7th September 2016. PowerPoint / Recorded case presentation by Presenters for accepted entries should be emailed to on or before 11 th September 2016. Presenters will receive a certificate for Online Case Presentation from Mumbai Branch of AIOTA.

Technology Requirement:

1. Computer/ Laptop/ Smart Phone

2. Web camera/ Smartphone camera.

3. Microphone and Earphone.

4. Internet connectivity (Preferably with 1 Mbps speed)